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A.J.Delgado Biography

A.J.Delgado born Arlene “A. J.” Delgado is a former Mediate columnist who campaigned for Donald Trump`s presidential campaign. She is a Harvard Law graduate who practiced law in New York City. She was born in 1977 by Cuban immigrants.

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A.J.Delgado Age

Delgado was born in 1977 in Cuba  ( she is 47 years old as of 2018 ). She was born from Cuban immigrants and raised in the U.S

A.J.Delgado Husband/ Kid

Delgado had an affair with Jason Miller who was already married with children and attempted to hide the affair as far as possible. The two have a child together called William. Delgado now describes Miller as a  sperm donor, whilst Jason has maintained his family, which welcomes William into it.

A.J.Delgado Early Life

She is the child of Cuban immigrants to the United States. She is a native Spanish speaker. Her father was a bus driver; her mother worked in a factory. Delgado spoke only Spanish until kindergarten.

A.J.Delgado Education

Delgado made her way through the American education system with great intellectual success and although only being able to speak Spanish when starting education, she soon became fluent in both English and Spanish.

Initially, moving to Florida to gain a degree in history at the University of Florida, AJ also went on to complete a degree in Law from the esteemed Harvard School of Law.

A.J.Delgado Career

Her writings have been published in The American Conservative, National Review, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and Fox News.  She self-published her book Hip To Be Square: Why It’s Cool To Be A Conservative in 2012. Delgado has written about why Latinos should vote for Trump in The Washington Post.

She has defended Trump from numerous allegations of sexual harassment. On MSNBC  with Brian Williams on October 12, 2016, Delgado called the claims of women who accused Trump of assault “mind-boggling” and “dubious”.

She joined Trump`s transition team as a campaign advisor. She did not join the administration after she found out she was pregnant: The baby’s father is fellow Trump campaign staffer Jason Miller. According to Delgado, Miller told her that he was separated from his wife. He broke off the relationship soon after finding out that Delgado was pregnant. Delgado gave birth in July 2017 to a boy she named William.

2108 May Delgado described claims made by Trump that the FBI put a spy inside the Trump 2016 campaign to frame him as “embarrassing”. She tweeted, “Are we really going w this?? That Obama put a spy inside the Trump campaign, to frame Trump? Srsly? Not sure if it’s IQ, ethics, or simple common sense but I cant. This is embarrassing.”

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