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Aaron Brown Biography

Aaron Brown (financial author) is an American finance practitioner, well known as an author on risk management and gambling-related issues. He also speaks frequently at professional and academic conferences. He was Chief Risk Manager at AQR Capital Management. He was one of the original developers of value at risk and one of its strongest proponents.

Aaron Brown Age

Brown was born on November 27, 1956, Seattle, Washington United States of America. She is 63 years old as of now.

Aaron Brown Wife and Children

Brown married Deborah Pastor, and we have two children, Jacob (18) and Aviva (14). Deborah is a portfolio manager and former FX salesperson, she was the portfolio manager for eRaider but also runs other money. We live in a big apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan and have a nice lake house in Pennsylvania.

Aaron Brown Education

Brown holds an SB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University (1978), and an MBA in Finance and Statistics from the University of Chicago(1984).

Aaron Brown Photo

Aaron Brown Net Worth

Brown net worth is still underreview.

Aaron Brown Books

Take the risk out of financial risk management

  • The poker face of the wall street
  • A world of chance
  • Red-blooded Risk
  • The beginning of Lua programming

Aaron Brown Interview

Aaron Brown is a finance practitioner, expert on risk management and gambling, speaks frequently at professional and academic conferences and author of “Red-Blooded Risk,” “The Poker Face of Wall Street,” and co-author of “A World of Chance.” He was Chief Risk Manager at AQR Capital Management and one of the original developers of value at risk.

At 8 or 9 years old Aaron would read the newspaper every day just to see the sports and Wall Street numbers. Over time, he started to see patterns in those numbers and felt he might be able to make money off it. He came across a book at his library that mathematically proved he could “beat the house.” At age 14 Aaron knew he could walk into a poker game and walk out with his opponents’ money. He gambled into his early 20’s until he realized the real money to be made was on Wall Street.

How does Aaron define being a quant? Someone who makes calculations and then bets on those calculations. Clients are drawn to Aaron because he is known for being able to solve problems most cannot. That being said, he only takes on problems where he knows there is a solution. When hired, Aaron disrupts systems mainly because he operates on the opposite side of Wall Street. He unveils flaws in systems – disrupting sales and creating more work for developers.

Michael and Aaron finish up discussing, “What is a black swan event?” It is a low probability, high impact event because it was unexpected. Drawing from Nassim Taleb’s wisdom, “People overestimate the last event happening again and underestimate the next crisis.”

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