Aaron Morrison Biography and Career Life

Aaron experienced this firsthand while growing up in the Deep South, where he encountered various extreme weather events such as ice storms, snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Curiosity about understanding these phenomena sparked his interest in becoming a meteorologist.

To pursue his passion, Aaron attended Mississippi State University, where he earned a degree in meteorology and supplemented it with a minor in communication. But meteorology wasn’t his only passion; he also attended culinary school at Mississippi University for Women, showcasing his diverse interests.

Throughout his career, Aaron’s journey took him from Mississippi to Missouri before finally settling in Alaska, also known as the Last Frontier, where he plans to spend the rest of his days. Though he misses the unique weather and severe storms of the Deep South, the challenging weather patterns in Alaska have captivated him, becoming some of his favorite forecasts.

When not immersed in predicting the weather, Aaron indulges in exploring Alaska’s abundant natural beauty, including hiking and savoring the local cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Apart from his outdoor adventures, he finds pleasure in binge-watching Netflix shows and expressing his creativity through writing poetry.