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Adam Carroll Wiki

Adam Carroll is an American journalist from Massachusetts currently working as a Meteorologist for ABC4 News since April 2013.

Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll Biography

Adam Carroll was born on May 27, 1964.  He has spent most of his time younger years in Central Massachusetts. He has also lived in Tampa, Florida, and Bolton Valley. Adam Vermont before settling in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The unpredictability of New England winters made forecasting even more fascinating and challenging for Adam.

At, the age of 5. Adam knew that he wanted to be a Meteorologist on TV after watching several hours. The Weather Channel every day.  Then During the years of living in Florida. Adam fell even more in love with the weather after. He witnessed 2 tornadoes narrowly miss his house. Adam living through Hurricane Andrew.

Adam graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He has Mass Communication. This is with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism. The minor in Meteorology in 2007 from the University of Utah. During his last semester.

Adam began a weather internship at KUTV2 News in Salt Lake City. In his upon graduation was hired to be their Weather Producer. In August 2017.  Adam completed a 3-year correspondence. It was at Mississippi State University in Broadcast Meteorology.

Adam Carroll ABC4 News

He has been a Vital employee over the years to ABC4 and the CW30.  There Adam was hired in November 2011 as a full-time Weather Producer. He has worked behind the scenes building our wonderful and creative weather graphics. Then he works side by side with Chief Meteorologist. The  Dan Pope forecasting Utah’s most accurate weather. In April 2013.

There Adam’s weather expertise, knowledge. He is created using our state of the art computer graphics system. He had earned him a spot as a Meteorologist for the CW30 News at 9. In his 15 years in Utah helps him deliver Utah’s most accurate pinpoint forecast.

We are forecasting for Isolated Dry Thunderstorms over portions of the state through Sunday including the Wasatch Front. The biggest concerns will be the dry lightning and gusty microburst winds. That could lead to new fire starts. Be Weather.

Adam Carroll Age

Carroll was born on May 27, 1964. [agecalc birthdate=1964-03-27] old.

Adam Carroll Family

Adam sometimes could be away from forecasting. He had been around with his family. The family includes Shannon, Blake, and their dog Jerry. Therefore out of everything Utah must offer. She loves Snow skiing, hiking, and Camping.  Adam loves traveling. He enjoys going to new places.  He has more fired on part of pinpoint with the weather team.  The addition is helping deliver Utah’s most accurate forecast.

Adam Carroll Wife

He is a married man. The couple had 14 years in marriage. More information about his wife is not available at this moment. However, we shall update it as soon as possible.

Adam Carroll Children

More information about his children is not available at this moment. However, we shall update it as soon as possible.

Adam Carroll Height

More information about his height is not available at this moment. However, we shall update it as soon as possible.

Adam Carroll Salary Range

He earns an estimated salary of between $5k-$10k annually.

Adam Carroll Net Worth Range

He has an estimated net worth of between $100k-$200k.

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