Adam Eakle Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Adam Eakle Wiki

Adam Eakle is an American Host of KSL Outdoors. He hosted in First TV Appearance Saturday, Oct 7th, 2006. “A date which will live in infamy”.

Adam Eakle Biography and Career Life

He was well known as a reporter at KSL News since he joined the team. He attended Kearns high school and the University of Utah.

He has been fishing and hunting in Utah outdoors since he was able to hold a rod and riffle. Adam was credit as a father for instilling a love of the outdoors and the importance of being a responsible outdoorsman.

He is a great outdoor passion are hunting Elk, Deer and upland game; fly fishing and “dunking a worm with the kids.” In recent years, I became a part-time professional hunting guide; but I look equally forward to being in Utah’s wild with my two sons and two daughters. He reported on the story of a Tragic mine accident in Tooele County.

He also had is favorites story to cover in the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Eakle also asked who he was. Therefore Because you never know who you are going to meet, where you are going to go, and what you’ll find.

Adam Eakle Family

He is a married man to his lovely wife Tonya and his four Children, Ales, Madison, Taylor, and Ethan. The family lives in Riverton.

Adam Height

He stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches.