Adam Levine.Adam's all 26+1 Tattoos And Their Meanings….

Adam Levine the lead singer of the American band Maroon 5.

First, Levine got his first tattoo when he was 21years. Importantly, it is a tribute to the 9/11 attacks( four coordinated attacks by the al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group against the USA on the morning of 11th September 2001). He has a tattoo dedicated to honoring his mom.


This tattoo is on his left arm. Importantly, this is the first studio the marron 5 recorded in.


This is tattoed on his left arm. He loves singing while playing his guitar. Additionally, this tattoo is a picture of his first ever guitar.


The Tiger tattoo is on the outer side of his right-hand side. Additionally, it is one his best tattoos  He says this was inspired by his love for Tiberian art.

4.Paw Print

This is on the back right side of his shoulder. This tattoo is for the remembrance of his Golden retriever who died. Besides, Adam is also an animal lover.


The lion tattoo is just on his lower Abs. This tattoo represents courage and brevity.


This tattoo is on Adam’s left shoulder. This tattoo compliments his sleeve tattoo. Additionally, It is one of the tattoos he dedicates to his mom.


This tattoo is on his right rib cage. By his fan page, it is said this animal is one of his fear. However, Adam claims he finds the shark as the most fascinating creature in the world.

8.Los Angles

As we all know, Adam comes from Los Angles. Importantly, this tattoo shows love for his hometown.


This is drawn just above his heart. First, This Sanskrit script translated is TOPAS. According to Adam, this tattoo is for something that he fell in love with and changed his life a few years ago, YOGA. In addition, Topas means fire and passion.

10.His Names

On his left rib cage, he has his second and last name tattoed.


On his chest, he has a tat of capital D and R letters written in old English font. In fact, these letters D&R are abbreviations for his daughter’s name Dusty Rose.

12.Mom and Heart

This is on his right forearm. Importantly, this tattoo is dedicated to his mom. However, she isn’t a fan of his tattoos.

13.Black Beaded Neckless

This tattoo is on his neck. First, he got it while in Japan. He did this just because he was bored.

14.Roman number X

This is on his inner left biceps. He got this on and for Maroon 5’s 10th anniversary.


This compliment his arm sleeves. Also, he says they keep him warm at night.

16.Dove & Cherry Blossoms

First, this is on his left shoulder. He got this 5days after the 9/11 is a tribute to the affected people. He says it is a message of peace. Importantly, it was his first tattoo.

17.Pinup/Frankie girl

The pinup tattoo is on the back of his left shoulder. The pinup(FRANKIE/FRANKY) is the name of the Adams gooden retriever(Dog). Additionally, Frankie died.

18.Female Face

The female face that is on the lower part of his right rib.

19.Sun and flower

This is on his right upper peck. Moreover, this complements his other tattoos.


This is written across his belly. First, he was born and raised in Los Angles California. Additionally, it shows his love for California.

21.Mermaid holding a skull

This tattoo now covers his other back tattoos. In fact, it took Adam 6months to have it.

22.True love hand holding a rose.

This is on the right side of his chest. It is the hand of a woman holding a rose.

23.True love

This is written on his fingers. Equally important, It is the Adams love he has for his fans.

24. You’re so cool vows

This is written three times in his inner right biceps. when Adam and Behati married they wrote this look-alike tattoo. Additionally, it is a dedication to his wife.

25.Ocean and Ship.

This is part of his back tattoo. First, It was drawn by Bryan Randolph(Spider Murphy’s Tattoo). Second, it took six months for Adam to do this tattoo.


This is on the lower side of his left rib cage. Its the symbol of transformation, faith, and freedom.


This tattoo is below his chest, on his abs. According to Adam, this tattoo reminds him of, first, his long, awesome and weird journey of his life. Second where his life is now.

The tattoos can be seen




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