Alexa Serowik Biography and Career

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Alexa Serowik became a part of the ABC6 team in September 2020 as a Multimedia Reporter. Hailing from New England, she grew up in Dover, MA, and received her education at the Noble and Greenough School. Alexa pursued her passion for media and communications at Boston College, where she graduated in 2020 with a double major in Theatre and Communications, focusing on Broadcast Journalism.

During her time at Boston College, Alexa gained valuable experience as an intern in New York City. She worked as a field reporter for both Inside Edition and Relix Magazine & Media Group. Notably, her work even landed her on the cover of The Daily Mail, where she covered stories related to Cuba Gooding Jr. and Harvey Weinstein.

To further enhance her on-camera skills, Alexa dedicated time to study at esteemed institutions like Brown University in Providence, The Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, and the La MaMa Group in New York City.

Joining the ABC6 team, Alexa takes pride in delivering news across various media platforms. In addition to her reporting responsibilities, she also contributes to producing and curating content for the station and beyond. Her passion for journalism and dedication to honing her skills make her a valuable asset to the ABC6 team.

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