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Alexandra Montgomery is an American journalist from Pennsylvania, currently working as a reporter and morning anchor on “The Weekend” for WCAX, Burlington, Vt. She joined WCAX in April 2017.

Alexandra Montgomery Biography and Career

Alexandra Montgomery is an American journalist whose passion for storytelling and commitment to delivering comprehensive news has earned her recognition and respect in the broadcasting industry. As a reporter and morning anchor on “The Weekend” for WCAX in Burlington, Vt., Alexandra’s career journey has been marked by dedication, excellence, and a thirst for adventure.

Alexandra’s academic achievements laid the groundwork for her successful journalism career. Graduating summa cum laude from Syracuse University, she earned a degree in broadcast journalism and political science. Equipped with a solid education, she embarked on her path as a journalist, eager to inform and engage her audience.

Her professional journey took her to Toledo, Ohio, where she served as a reporter and fill-in anchor for the CBS affiliate. During her time in Ohio, Alexandra’s commitment to providing viewers with comprehensive stories was recognized with a Toledo City Council resolution, highlighting her dedication to journalistic integrity.

Before joining WCAX in April 2017, Alexandra honed her skills as a reporter and anchor in Rapid City, South Dakota. This experience allowed her to gain valuable insights into reporting from diverse communities and further cemented her passion for connecting with audiences.

As a member of WCAX’s team, Alexandra Montgomery brings her journalistic expertise and enthusiasm to “The Weekend” morning show. With a dedication to accurate and impactful reporting, she ensures that viewers are well-informed and prepared for the day ahead.

Beyond her work in the newsroom, Alexandra finds joy in exploring her adventurous side. When she’s not on duty, she embraces new experiences, whether it’s trying out a new recipe, enjoying quality time with her loved ones, or embarking on outdoor escapades.

As a journalist and morning anchor, Alexandra Montgomery exemplifies the qualities of a dedicated professional. Her journey from Syracuse University to reporting in different parts of the country showcases her drive for continuous learning and growth. Her ability to connect with viewers and share important stories has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the communities she serves.

In her role as a journalist, Alexandra continues to inspire and inform, while her zest for life outside the newsroom demonstrates her appreciation for the beauty and adventure that life has to offer. With a bright future ahead, Alexandra Montgomery’s pursuit of journalistic excellence and exploration of new horizons make her an exceptional figure in the world of broadcasting.

Alexandra Montgomery Family

Montgomery was born and grew up in Pennsylvania, in the United States though, Alexandra likes to say she grew up in Vermont! She has her Vermont grandparents to thank for her love of the Green Mountain State.

She is a married woman. Alexandra is married to her husband, Gary. The beautiful pair are blessed parents of two kids, a girl and a boy though their name is unknown at the moment.

Alexandra Montgomery Height

She probably has a height of around 6 feet margin.

Alexandra Montgomery Net Worth

Montgomery has an estimated Net Worth of 1 million- 2 million dollars.

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