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Amber Lyon Wiki

Amber Lyon (Amber Elizabeth Lyon) is an American investigative journalist and photographer. She is known for her work reporting human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, and police brutality against protesters in the United States.

Amber Lyon Biography and Career

Amber Lyon’s path to becoming a respected journalist and advocate for truth has been nothing short of remarkable. Graduating from Parkway Central High School in Denver, Colorado, Amber’s early passion for journalism led her to the University of Missouri School of Journalism, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Her career took off when she began reporting for KVOA in Tucson, Arizona, and later joined CNN in June 2010. At CNN, Amber delved into various investigative stories, covering topics like sex trafficking and the Gulf oil spill. Her in-depth reporting and courageous approach made her stand out among her peers.

One of her most significant accomplishments was becoming the first journalist to scuba dive under the Deepwater Horizon oil spill during live television broadcasts. Amber’s investigation revealed critical information about BP’s use of dispersants, which caused the oil to sink and become virtually impossible to clean up.

Her dedication to uncovering the truth led to a Peabody Award for CNN’s oil spill coverage. Amber’s passion for justice extended beyond her home country, as she traveled to Bahrain in 2011 to report on the Arab Spring protests. However, her experience in Bahrain was met with challenges and oppression from the Bahraini authorities.

Despite facing threats and being violently detained, Amber and her team managed to gather evidence of human rights abuses, leading to their powerful documentary titled “iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring.” This documentary received critical acclaim and won a New York Festivals International Television and Film Gold World Medal Award.

As Amber continued her work, she encountered challenges within CNN itself. She claimed that the network had censored her documentary on Bahrain due to pressure from the Bahraini regime, who was a paying customer of the network. This raised questions about media ethics and governmental influence on journalism.

Amber Lyon’s journey also took a personal turn when she embarked on a life-changing experience with ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic tea known for its transformative effects. Amber founded an advocacy site called, which explored the emotional healing potential of certain psychedelic drugs based on her own experiences and research.

Her book, “Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray,” provided a photographic essay on protests in the US. Amber Lyon’s courageous reporting, advocacy for truth, and personal exploration through ayahuasca have made her a unique and inspiring figure in the field of journalism.

While her journey has been met with challenges and resistance, Amber’s commitment to uncovering the truth and sharing it with the world continues to be a driving force in her life. Whether it’s diving into oil spills, exposing sex trafficking, or advocating for the potential benefits of psychedelics, Amber Lyon’s work is a testament to the power of journalism and the pursuit of truth.

Amber Lyon Age

Amber Lyon was born on November 9, 1982, in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Amber Lyon Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $ 3million dollars.

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