Beau Zimmer Biography and Career

Beau Zimmer’s roots lie in St. Petersburg, where he attended Pinellas County Schools, and his memories are filled with notable events like the flooding caused by Hurricane Elena, his thrilling experience at the “Thunder Dome” for his first hockey game, and the excitement of covering the Rays’ inaugural game during his time as an intern.

Beau Zimmer’s journey in broadcasting began back in 1989 at Channel 10, where he started as a host on the Saturday morning children’s show “This Side Up.” He further expanded his broadcasting career by covering Florida on CNN’s “Real News for Kids.” Returning to WTSP as a full-time reporter in 2005 was a momentous occasion for him. Prior to that, he had reported in Louisville and Gainesville.

In 2005, Beau Zimmer’s outstanding work earned him an Emmy nomination for his reports on children being struck by cars in school zone crosswalks. His series played a crucial role in driving changes in laws, leading to stricter penalties for school zone speeders. Furthermore, his feature and investigative reporting have garnered recognition from the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters.

Beau Zimmer is known for his love of good food, particularly his addiction to Publix Deli Subs and California Pizza Kitchen. When it comes to vacations, his favorite destination is the snowy slopes of the Rockies, where he enjoys snow skiing.

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