Ben Hall Biography and Career Life

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Ben Hall is a seasoned and esteemed reporter at NewsChannel 5, where he has covered a wide range of events, from state legislature sessions to presidential campaigns. Presently, he plays a vital role in NewsChannel 5’s award-winning investigative unit, delivering impactful stories to the audience.

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Throughout his career, Ben’s exceptional work has earned him national recognition, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award. He is a recipient of four National Headliner Awards and two Regional Murrow Awards, demonstrating his excellence in journalism.

His in-depth stories on the political influence of the coal industry in the state legislature and on pain clinics in Tennessee have also been acknowledged with Associated Press Awards for Enterprise Reporting.

With an impressive portfolio, Ben has secured 13 regional Emmy Awards for his diverse storytelling. Some of his most memorable assignments have taken him abroad, covering a Nashville church’s efforts in Africa to set up an orphanage for children whose parents succumbed to AIDS. He also reported “live” from inside the state capitol on a day when income tax protestors surrounded the building, earning him another notable Emmy Award.

Apart from his reporting responsibilities, Ben wears additional hats as the host of OpenLine and Issues of Faith on NewsChannel 5 Plus. OpenLine is a nightly, live, talk show focusing on current events and featuring prominent guests like Nashville’s mayor and state lawmakers. Issues of Faith provides a platform for religious leaders to engage in intelligent and in-depth conversations about various issues within the religious community.

Ben’s passion for journalism was evident from a young age. During his college years, he interned at the CBS News Bureau in Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked alongside the legendary Eric Sevareid. This experience allowed him to work at two political conventions and later at CBS News in New York on the Foreign Desk.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska Journalism School, Ben began his professional journey as a “one-man band” at KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where he served as both the photographer and reporter in the station’s Carbondale, Illinois bureau. His dedication to the field led him to Nashville, where he has been making significant contributions ever since.

Beyond his career, Ben indulges in playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring various destinations around the world. His curiosity has taken him to study at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, explore the Amazon, dive with great white sharks near Guadeloupe Island in the Pacific Ocean, and visit Costa Rica.

Ben cherishes family time with his wife and two children, who are also avid fans of the NewsChannel 5 Network.