Blaise Keller Biography and Career

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Blaise Keller became a valued member of WKOW TV’s team in January 2021, bringing with him a wealth of meteorological expertise and a passion for communicating weather updates. His educational journey led him to graduate from Valparaiso University, where he earned a degree in meteorology, complemented by a minor in communications.

Prior to his role at WKOW, Keller spent two fulfilling years in Rochester, Minnesota, as the weekend meteorologist at KAAL TV. Following that, he embarked on a four-year journey in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he held multiple meteorological positions, including weekend meteorologist, morning meteorologist, and interim-chief meteorologist.

Throughout his career, Blaise Keller has traversed the diverse weather patterns of the Midwest and Plains regions. He has encountered and reported on various weather phenomena, ranging from tornadoes and blizzards to severe thunderstorms and floods. His experiences have shaped him into a seasoned meteorologist, adept at navigating the challenges that Mother Nature presents.

As a DeForest native, Blaise is delighted to return home and bring his meteorological expertise to the local community. He shares his life journey with his husband and their furry companions, two French bulldogs named Lito and Ferdinand, along with two cats named Cumulo and Nimbus.

Apart from his dedication to weather forecasting, Blaise Keller finds joy in various activities. He takes pleasure in spending time outdoors, hitting the gym to stay active, savoring delicious food, and indulging in video games as a form of relaxation and entertainment.

With his warm and personable demeanor, coupled with his meteorological prowess, Blaise Keller continues to keep the viewers of WKOW informed and prepared for whatever weather comes their way. His return to his hometown serves as a testament to his commitment to serving the community and keeping them safe through accurate weather reporting.

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