Bob Johnson Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Bob Johnson Wiki

Bob Johnson (Weather Forecaster) birth name is Robert M Johnson. He is a retired meteorologist and former regional television weather presenter on Tyne Tees news.

Bob Johnson Biography

Johnson landed his first job when he was in 10th grade at WFOM in Marietta. He deejayed at WFOM on weekends. He joined the United Kingdom weather service, Met Office from school. Bob spent over 30 years as a weather observer and forecaster.

He also worked for eight years with the British Army of the Rhine in Germany. Bob also worked at weather centers in Glasgow and Newcastle upon Tyne for many years. He later joined Tyne Tees Television.

Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He, therefore, could not stand for as long as his legs felt numb. This led him to retirement as it causes rigidity and muscles to become tense and contracted, causing pain or stiffness. His former colleague and friend Don Welch died of Parkinson’s Disease Lewy body dementia.

Johnson has been volunteering as a guide at the Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh. When he is not at the museum, he does school runs for his eight grandchildren.

Bob Johnson Age

Bob was born in Kincardine in Canada. He grew up in Marietta Georgia.

Bob Johnson Family

Bob is married to Joan. Joan is a Geordie from Willington Quay in Northern England. She is a nurse by profession. Bob and Joan met in the ICU at a hospital where Bob was admitted after an accident.

They were blessed with three daughters. Their daughter Kirsten, Catriona, and Marie are all breast cancer survivors. They have eight grandchildren.

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