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Bobbie Battista born Barbara Ann “Bobbie” Battista on July 23rd, 1952, is an American journalist and a former prominent newscaster with the Cable News Network (CNN).

Bobbie Battista Biography and Career

Battista anchored numerous programs on CNN, CNN Headline News and CNN International, during her 20-year career with the cable news company.

Bobbie Battista, a prominent figure in the world of broadcasting, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in radio, television, and film production from Northwestern University. She began her career at a radio station in Raleigh, North Carolina, before joining WRAL-TV as an anchor, reporter, and producer. In 1981, she made a significant move to CNN, where her talents and expertise led her to anchor and report on various shows, covering historic events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the Gulf War, and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Throughout her time at CNN, Battista hosted multiple daily and regularly scheduled programs, showcasing her versatility and passion for journalism. In 1998, she became the host of the groundbreaking multi-platform interactive talk show, TalkBack Live, which engaged viewers in discussions on current affairs.

After the merger of CNN’s parent company with America Online in 2001, Battista left the network. She later joined her husband’s firm, Atamira Communications, where she provided strategic counsel to Fortune 500 companies. Despite her departure from full-time broadcasting, she continued to contribute to various programs, including making periodic appearances on the Onion News Network (ONN) in 2009.

Battista’s unique on-screen style, characterized by her crossed eyes and “deer-in-the-headlights” gaze, became iconic and even inspired parodies on Saturday Night Live. Beyond her influence in the United States, she gained popularity in Eastern Europe, particularly in countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany.

Presently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Battista remains active in the television industry. She hosts “On the Story” on Georgia Public Broadcasting, showcasing her enduring dedication to journalism and storytelling.

Apart from her successful broadcasting career, Bobbie Battista holds the position of Director of Corporate Communications and Culture at ExpressJet Airlines, further showcasing her versatility and expertise in various fields.

Bobbie Battista Age

She was born on 23rd July 1952.

Bobbie Battista Husband

She is married to John Brimelow.

Bobbie Battista Net Worth

She has a net worth of $ 6 million.

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