Brionna Rivers Biography and Career Life

Brionna Rivers is a skilled multi-media journalist, currently making her mark at KLTV 7. Although born in Freeport, New York, she was raised in Sugar Land, Texas, and takes pride in having experienced the best of both worlds. Now, she happily calls Tyler her new home, as she joins the esteemed East Texas News Team as a dedicated multi-media journalist.

Her academic journey led her to graduate from Hofstra University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Throughout her time at Hofstra, Brionna contributed to the award-winning news team at Radio Hofstra University, served as the president of the Hofstra University Association of Black Journalists, and hosted the university’s broadcast of “For Your Island.”

Brionna’s passion for journalism and storytelling has led her to hold various influential positions in the media industry. She served as a college associate for Fox News Channel, and she interned at Emmis Communications.

Moreover, during the first 2016 presidential debate, she had the opportunity to work with ABC7NY, where she participated in a panel discussion on the candidates’ performance and managed the channel’s social media accounts for the day.

When not immersed in her work, Brionna finds joy in visiting the theatre, relaxing at the beach, and cherishing moments with her family and her loyal German Shepherd named Texas.

Telling impactful stories is Brionna’s true passion, as she firmly believes that one of the best ways to serve the community is by keeping residents well-informed about current events and the reasons behind them. She eagerly looks forward to sharing compelling stories that resonate with the people of the East Texas area and have a positive impact on their lives.