Brissa Bradfield Biography and Career Life

Brissa Bradfield became a valued member of the Erie News Now team in August 2019, assuming the role of a reporter.

Her journey in the field of communications led her to graduate from the University of Akron in May 2019, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on media studies and a minor in consumer marketing.

During her time at Akron, Brissa actively contributed to ZTV, dedicating three years to reporting and producing content. Her hard work and talent were recognized with her first EMMY award. Furthermore, she gained valuable experience through a summer internship at WFMJ in Youngstown, Ohio.

Coming from northwest Ohio, Brissa grew up in a family of four siblings, being the second youngest among them.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Brissa enjoys her downtime at coffee shops, engages in trail running, and shares laughter with friends and family through her humorous anecdotes.

Eager to embrace her new community, Brissa is thrilled to call Erie her home and looks forward to serving its people through her work.

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