Brittney Ermon Biography and Career Life

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In July of 2021, Brittney became a valuable member of the 5 Eyewitness News Team. Prior to this, she spent two years as a bilingual multi-media journalist and fill-in anchor at NBC15 in Madison, WI. Throughout her career, Brittney has shown a strong dedication to shedding light on underprivileged and underrepresented communities.

During her time at NBC15, Brittney played a crucial role in reporting on significant events that captured national attention. She covered the unrest in Madison during the social justice protests that followed the tragic death of George Floyd. Additionally, she traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to report on the aftermath of the Derecho storm. Her reporting extended to a wide range of topics, including severe weather, the coronavirus pandemic, riots, elections, and health disparities in minority communities. Her ability to speak Spanish fluently also allowed her to connect with and serve diverse audiences.

Brittney’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural communication is further evident in her study abroad experience in Segovia, Spain, in 2017. During her time there, she lived with a host family and continues to maintain contact with them to this day. Her determination to break down language barriers in her reporting reflects her passion for ensuring that all communities are represented and heard.

Academically, Brittney is a proud graduate of Ball State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with cum laude honors in 2017. Her studies included Journalism, Telecommunications, and Spanish. She furthered her education at the university, obtaining her Master of Arts degree in Journalism in 2019.

Brittney’s dedication and excellence in journalism have been recognized through prestigious awards. Her contributions to the NBC15 Morning Show earned her an Emmy, specifically for her reporting on the aftermath of the George Floyd protests in Madison, WI. Additionally, the morning newscast coverage received a regional Edward R. Murrow award.

Outside of her professional achievements, Brittney enjoys unwinding with TV shows and movies. She also loves exploring new restaurants and her new home. Among her personal interests, she finds joy in shopping, traveling, and embracing her passion for salsa and bachata dancing.

Overall, Brittney’s career and personal interests reflect a multifaceted individual who is committed to meaningful journalism, cultural understanding, and enriching her life through exploration and dance.

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