Brittni Thomason Biography and Career Life

Brittni Thomason is a talented journalist who joined Arizona’s Family in December 2018, bringing her passion for reporting to her hometown of Peoria, Arizona. She has deep roots in the community, having graduated from Liberty High School.

Before returning to Arizona, Brittni gained valuable experience as a reporter for KWCH Eyewitness News in Wichita, Kansas. During her time there, she covered a wide range of challenging stories, including tornadoes, fires, and snowstorms.

One of her earliest notable stories involved interviewing the twin brother of a man convicted of plotting to bomb Somali immigrants, demonstrating her dedication to covering important and impactful news events.

Brittni’s journey in journalism began after she graduated from The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Her passion for journalism led her to take her first news job in Tyler, Texas, where she continued to develop her skills as a reporter.

Outside of her work in journalism, Brittni has been involved in various meaningful activities. In college, she co-founded a not-for-profit organization called Miss Sparkles Fun Beauty Pageant, which aims to enrich the lives of women with disabilities. This shows her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

During her college years, Brittni also cheered on The Arizona Coyotes as a member of Paw Patrol, showcasing her love for her local sports teams and community involvement.

When she’s not reporting on important stories, Brittni enjoys indulging in her personal interests. She is an avid reader, loves hiking in the beautiful Arizona scenery, and enjoys exploring the town to find the best tea spots.

Brittni is thrilled to be back in her hometown, reuniting with her family and three dogs, and returning to the sunshine of Arizona. Her dedication to reporting, passion for community involvement, and vibrant personality make her a valued member of the Arizona’s Family team and a beloved figure in the local news scene.

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