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The world of journalism gains a talented and passionate storyteller as Brontë Sorotsky eagerly joins the KOAM news team as a Multimedia Journalist. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Brontë’s journey in journalism has taken her to the diverse landscapes of San Francisco, where she spent the last four years honing her skills and pursuing her passion for broadcasting.

In her pursuit of excellence, Brontë earned her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) at San Francisco State University, a renowned institution known for nurturing young talents in media and communication. During her time at the university, she demonstrated her commitment to journalism by working as a reporter for YR Media, a platform that provided her with opportunities to delve into the pressing issues facing San Francisco’s community.

With a keen eye for compelling stories, Brontë focused on shedding light on the city’s housing crisis, using her platform to bring attention to an issue affecting the lives of many residents. Her radio pieces aired locally, and her dedication to responsible and impactful reporting did not go unnoticed.

Driven by a desire to gain hands-on experience and further refine her craft, Brontë seized the opportunity to intern at KTVU FOX 2 in Oakland, a reputable news station. This invaluable experience allowed her to work alongside seasoned professionals, gaining insights into the inner workings of a newsroom and deepening her understanding of the industry.

As a testament to her versatility and adaptability, Brontë recently freelanced for the Associated Press on Election Night, contributing to the extensive coverage of this significant event. Her ability to deliver accurate and timely information showcased her proficiency as a journalist, and her dedication to her work was evident in every piece she produced.

Now, as Brontë Sorotsky embarks on her journey with the KOAM news team, there is no doubt that her passion for storytelling and commitment to impactful reporting will continue to shine. Armed with a wealth of experience and a drive to make a difference through journalism, she is poised to become a valuable asset to the news team and the community they serve.

Her journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from reporting on the housing crisis to freelancing for a prestigious news agency, reflects Brontë’s unwavering determination to pursue her dreams in the world of journalism. Her talent, combined with her insatiable curiosity and dedication to responsible reporting, positions her as a rising star in the field.

As she steps into her role at KOAM, viewers can anticipate that Brontë Sorotsky’s reporting will resonate with authenticity and empathy, as she continues to amplify the voices of those whose stories need to be told. Her contributions to the news landscape are sure to leave a lasting impact, and her passion for storytelling will undoubtedly inspire fellow journalists and viewers alike.

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