Brooke Chaplain Biography and Career Life

Brooke Chaplain is a vibrant and dedicated multimedia journalist with a passion for storytelling. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, she grew up in close proximity to historical landmarks that played a significant role in the nation’s founding.

To pursue her dream of becoming a journalist, Brooke attended West Virginia University, where she earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism. As a proud Mountaineer, she developed the skills and knowledge needed to excel in her chosen career path.

After completing her education, Brooke’s journey in journalism led her to Wheeling, West Virginia. There, she anchored and reported for WTRF, serving the Ohio Valley community with engaging and informative news coverage.

Excited for new opportunities and experiences, Brooke ventured out west to southern Arizona, where she found a new home. Her bubbly and hardworking nature shines through in her work as a multimedia journalist, allowing her to connect with her audience and share compelling stories.

Outside of her work at the station, Brooke leads an adventurous and active life. She is an avid traveler, constantly exploring new cities and experiencing diverse cultures. A food enthusiast, she loves trying out new restaurants and cuisines. Her day is not complete without her favorite iced coffee, fueling her energy for the day ahead.

Brooke also finds comfort and joy in the company of her beloved mini dachshund, Olive, who undoubtedly brings smiles to her face. When it comes to sports, Brooke’s enthusiasm and loyalty shine through as she cheers on her favorite sports teams.

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