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Brooke is a dedicated and accomplished journalist with a passion for reporting in her home state of Kansas. Born and raised in Goodland, Kansas, she also spent significant time in her father’s hometown of Syracuse, where he owned a local pizzeria. In Syracuse, Brooke would work at the pizzeria, cooking pizzas and delivering them on a 4-wheeler, a unique experience in a town where driving ATVs was legal.

After graduating from Goodland High School, Brooke pursued her interest in media and attended Kansas State University, where she majored in Digital Media with an Electronic Focus. Her education laid the foundation for her career in journalism.

In June 2013, Brooke started her professional journey as a reporter for Channel 6 News in Lawrence, Kansas. Her small-town roots and agricultural background allowed her to connect with local communities and incorporate their stories into her reporting. She covered a wide range of topics, from breaking news and criminal investigations to education, community affairs, and local government. Being in Lawrence, she also had the opportunity to cover stories related to the University of Kansas (KU).

In August 2014, Brooke joined KSNT News, where she currently co-anchors multiple evening news broadcasts on various channels, including 27 KSNT, KTKA 49 ABC, and FOX 43 KTMJ. Her dedication and hard work in the field earned her the role of a weekend anchor with weekday reporting duties.

Throughout her career, Brooke has covered significant stories that have had a real impact on the community. She reported on Governor Sam Brownback’s re-election, the wrongful conviction of Floyd Bledsoe, an Oskaloosa man who served 16 years in prison for a murder his brother admitted to in a suicide note. Brooke’s commitment to investigative journalism also led her to be the only reporter in the Capital City to uncover the truth behind an alleged rape at Washburn University.

Her efforts and excellence in reporting have been recognized, as she received the prestigious 1st place award for News Feature/Enterprise Reporting from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters in 2015 for her story on “Big Rig Texting.”

What sets Brooke apart in her profession is her genuine love for her home state and the people living in it. She takes pride in covering stories in small towns across northeast Kansas, as it reminds her of her own hometown and allows her to connect with the communities she serves. Brooke’s passion for getting to the bottom of issues and shedding light on important stories make her a valued and respected journalist in the region. Her dedication to journalism and her deep care for the people of Kansas are what truly define her and make her an integral part of the news teams she co-anchors with.

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