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In the world of sports journalism, the quest for knowledge and passion for storytelling drives individuals to explore new horizons. For Brooke Leonard, her journey has taken her from her roots in Virginia to the breathtaking landscapes of Bozeman, Montana, and back to her cherished home valley, where she now finds herself as the newest addition to the 10 Sports team.

A proud graduate of Lord Botetourt High School, Brooke’s love for sports and journalism blossomed during her formative years. It was a dream that she pursued with unwavering determination as she embarked on her college journey at the esteemed Virginia Tech. There, she honed her skills and expanded her horizons, preparing herself for a career that would soon take her places.

Upon earning her college degree, Brooke followed her passion, venturing far from her hometown to Bozeman, Montana. It was in this scenic land of majestic mountains and boundless skies that she joined the CBS affiliate as a sports reporter. Her time in Bozeman was a chapter of growth, adventure, and learning. She thrived in her role, covering local sports events and capturing the essence of the region’s athletic spirit.

Yet, despite the wonders of Bozeman, there was a persistent tug in Brooke’s heart, a longing for the familiar landscapes and the warmth of her home valley. The call of her roots beckoned her back, and when the opportunity arose to join the 10 Sports team, she knew it was time to return.

In June 2019, Brooke Leonard embraced the chance to come full circle, to return to the place that nurtured her dreams and ambitions. With enthusiasm and dedication, she dove into her role, bringing her unique perspective and experiences to the sports landscape of her home turf.

As a reporter, Brooke’s inquisitive nature and genuine passion for storytelling shine through in her work. Whether she’s on the sidelines of a high-stakes game or sharing the triumphs and struggles of local athletes, her reporting reflects the heart and soul of sports.

Brooke Leonard has come a long way from her days in Virginia, and the path she has taken has enriched her perspective as a journalist and as an individual. Now, back in her beloved valley, she finds herself at the heart of the action, embracing the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that thrives in the community she knows so well.

As Brooke continues to weave stories of triumph, dedication, and resilience, she becomes a vital voice in the realm of sports journalism. Her journey is a testament to the power of chasing dreams, exploring new horizons, and ultimately, finding home in the place where it all began.