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Salt Lake City native Brooke is no stranger to embracing life’s adventures with open arms. A go-getter from the start, she has journeyed through various paths, never shying away from new opportunities or challenges that come her way. With a degree in Mass Communication and Broadcasting from the University of Utah, Brooke has crafted a vibrant and diverse career that showcases her passion for life and her willingness to try on different hats.

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One of Brooke’s early ventures took her to the glamorous world of fashion modeling, where she graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week, leaving her mark in the international fashion scene. But her love for exploration didn’t stop there. She ventured into the realm of reality television, appearing on the USA Network’s captivating show “Summer Camp,” where she displayed her adventurous spirit and fearlessness in facing the unknown.

Currently, Brooke finds herself as the radiant lone girl on Rock 106.7’s morning show, where she lights up the airwaves with her lively personality and relatable charm. Never one to back down, she holds her own among her male counterparts, proving that strength and resilience know no boundaries.

While Brooke embraces the excitement of her career, she also finds joy in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking through the picturesque landscapes or hitting the slopes for a thrilling ski session, nature’s call never goes unanswered. A fitness enthusiast, she’s always on the lookout for ways to stay active and energized.

But don’t be fooled by her fitness regime, Brooke is as human as anyone else, and she admits to having a soft spot for indulging in ‘good’ junk food from time to time. A true balance between health and delight, she embodies the essence of being relatable and genuine.

The title of “fun-loving dog mom” is one that Brooke wears with pride. Her furry companion is her constant companion, and she takes every chance she gets to have her adorable canine partner by her side. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors or simply sharing moments of joy, Brooke cherishes the bond they share.

In Brooke, one finds a dynamic individual who thrives on the thrill of life. Her journey is an inspiring reminder that trying on different roles and embracing new experiences can lead to a fulfilling and meaningful existence. As she continues to radiate positivity and enthusiasm, Brooke proves that living life to the fullest is a journey worth embarking on.