Bruce Young Biography and Career Life

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Bruce embarked on his journey after graduating from Washington and Lee University, where he initially ventured into the realm of public relations at Southeastern University in Washington, DC.

However, in 1983, a new opportunity beckoned, and he joined the esteemed staff of the White House Press Office. In this role, Bruce assumed the responsibility of compiling and writing daily news summaries for the President and senior staff while providing valuable assistance in media handling.

Eager to explore visual journalism, Bruce decided to chart a new course in 1985. He served as an editor and television cameraman at CinemaSound, a prominent commercial television studio based in Arlington, Virginia. During this period, his clientele ranged from Xerox and Perdue to political campaigns and PBS.

Embracing the art of photography, he also began his journey as a freelance news photographer, collaborating with esteemed publications such as United Press International, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

From 1991 to 1997, Bruce’s lens captured significant moments as a contract photojournalist at the Washington, DC bureau of Reuters. He devoted his skills to covering events at the White House and Capitol Hill, contributing to their rich visual narratives.

In 1995, Bruce joined forces with his wife and former colleague, Jennifer Law Young, to establish The Evans-McCan Group. Within the group, he served as the director of the highly-acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary “Stolen Years.”

Throughout his career, Bruce has embraced diverse roles, including staff photographer for WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia, and photographer and editor of the Fox 21/27 Morning News in Roanoke. His dedication to storytelling led him back to WDBJ7 as the Lexington bureau reporter.

Currently residing and working in Lexington, Virginia, Bruce and Jennifer are partners in both life and work, sharing a passion for visual storytelling and capturing the essence of their surroundings.

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