Bryant Urstadt Biography and Career Life

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Bryant Urstadt holds the esteemed position of being the editor of NPR’s engaging podcast on economics, “Planet Money.” At Planet Money, the team specializes in transforming intricate economic subjects into captivating narratives by delving into the lives of individuals at the heart of these matters. Their ability to craft entertaining stories out of complex topics has earned them recognition, including a prestigious Peabody Award for their reporting on the Wells Fargo fake bank accounts scandal.

Prior to his work at Planet Money, Bryant served as the features editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. The magazine shared a similar approach, skillfully transforming complex subjects into compelling narratives by centering on the people involved.

His involvement with the magazine’s talented team resulted in the receipt of numerous National Magazine Awards, both for general excellence and for single-issue topics such as coding and the financial crisis. Additionally, he played a key role in developing and overseeing online features and was instrumental in building the Businessweek website.

Before taking on the role of an editor, Bryant Urstadt was an accomplished writer with a rich portfolio. His work graced the pages of esteemed publications such as New York, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Harpers, Outside, Businessweek, among many others. His writing covered a wide range of subjects, from the world of hockey to the intricacies of derivatives.

Notably, Bryant’s journey with NPR began as a devoted listener, expressing his support by sending contributions to his local member station. This dedication to public radio eventually led him to become an integral part of the NPR family, making significant contributions as an editor and helping to make economics and financial matters more accessible and engaging for audiences.

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