Brynn Carman Biography and Career Life

Brynn Carman, a Centennial native, found her passion for figure skating at a young age, leading her to train at the prestigious World Arena. From 2005 to 2011, she dedicated herself to the sport as a member of the Broadmoor Skating Club, steadily climbing the ranks of competitive figure skating.

Over her impressive 14-year figure skating career, Brynn had the honor of representing Team USA on both national and international stages.

In 2008, Brynn and her pair partner achieved victory by securing the Novice National Pair Championship. Additionally, she participated in the Junior World competition twice and earned four national medals throughout her skating journey.

Although her pair career ended in 2013 due to her growth to 5’7″, Brynn’s next dream led her to Colorado State University. It was during her early interviews about her skating achievements that she discovered her interest in journalism, paving the way for her future career path.

After graduation, Brynn joined WOI in Des Moines, Iowa, as a weekend anchor/reporter, covering stories that gained national attention. Notably, she spent weeks on the front lines investigating the disappearance and murder of Mollie Tibbetts.

In 2018, she reported on the devastating floods that left numerous individuals homeless in Central Iowa. Along the way, she conducted prominent interviews with Vice President Mike Pence and Maddie Poppe, the 2018 American Idol winner.

Now back home, Brynn is grateful to be close to her family, friends, and the great outdoors. In her role at KRDO NewsChannel 13, she aims to be actively involved in her community and share personal stories that bring people together. Brynn feels privileged to be welcomed into viewers’ homes every morning, delivering news and connecting with her audience.

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