Buck King Biography and Career Life

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Buck King, an Oklahoma native hailing from Verdigris, has found his passion in storm chasing for KOCO 5, covering the northwest region of the state, with his base in Woodward.

Growing up in Verdigris and graduating from Claremore High School in Claremore, Buck has always been captivated by weather, and storm chasing has become a deeply ingrained passion in his life.

Beyond his storm chasing pursuits, Buck has dedicated his career to education, currently serving as a vice principal at a high school in Woodward. His commitment to storm chasing stems from his desire to assist others and protect his community.

Witnessing the impact of severe storms, especially the deadly tornado that struck Woodward on April 15, 2012, and its effect on his students and their families, serves as a powerful motivator for him. His ultimate goal is to provide critical information during storms to save lives and ensure the safety of those in his home community.

Joining the KOCO First Alert Storm Team brings great joy and fulfillment to Buck, as he takes pride in being the eyes in the field for Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane and the KOCO 5 viewers. Through his storm chasing endeavors, he contributes to the team’s mission of delivering vital weather updates and keeping the public informed.

In his personal life, Buck finds joy in spending quality time with his loving wife in Woodward, OK. With two grown children and five cherished grandchildren, family remains a focal point of happiness and fulfillment for him.