BURT MUMMOLO Biography and Career Life

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BURT MUMMOLO was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attending Bishop Kelley High School before pursuing higher education at Boston College. After college, he worked as a paralegal for his Uncle Dan, a brilliant lawyer. However, realizing he needed to find his own path, Burt decided to explore other options, even though it saddened his Italian grandmother.

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He transitioned into the service industry, waiting tables at an Italian restaurant while simultaneously venturing into media through a cable access show in Newton, Massachusetts. Part of his show involved creating human interest stories, which eventually led him to work on Newton News for three years.

His next adventure took him to Lubbock, Texas, renowned for its connections to Buddy Holly, Texas Tech, Prairie Dogs, and KCBD. Burt spent two delightful years there, enjoying the experiences the city had to offer.

Since 2004, BURT MUMMOLO has been a prominent figure on Tulsa’s Channel 8. Throughout his career, he has garnered a few awards, including a notable second-place win at a cow chip throwing competition. Notably, Burt proudly boasts that his Basset Hound, Daisy, earned the title of Most Patriotic News Dog in 2015.