Butch McCain Biography and Career Life

When Butch decided it was time to find a place better suited for raising a family, he turned to the Internet to search for the perfect town. After programming his desired criteria, Grand Junction emerged as the number one choice. A few days later, fate seemed to align when he spotted an opening for a TV weatherman on the Western Slope.

“How often do you get a chance to live where you want and do what you love doing?” Butch exclaims.

Originally hailing from Muleshoe, Texas, Butch grew up on a farm near Bovina in the Texas Panhandle. He humorously remarks that they had the fastest dogs in the world due to the vast distance between trees in the area. During his college days, he worked as a disc jockey at local radio stations.

Butch’s journey in television began in Amarillo, and from there, he moved to Tyler, Texas. Eventually, he received an offer to join his brother Ben in hosting a morning show in Oklahoma City. Together as The McCain Brothers, they ruled morning TV for an impressive 12 years, at one point achieving a 58 share. Notably, Butch had the opportunity to interview country singer Garth Brooks during Garth’s television debut on their show.

With over 15 years of weather experience in the heart of tornado alley, Butch’s expertise extended to national platforms like ABC’s Good Morning America. He also hosted live feature segments for the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles.

Beyond his weather career, Butch ventured into the world of entertainment, appearing in numerous independent films alongside renowned actors. He showcased his talents in various TV shows and soap operas, making memorable guest-starring roles. Additionally, Butch is an accomplished voice-over actor, with his voice gracing commercials worldwide.

Together with his brother, Butch’s musical talents have led them to record four CDs. As singer-songwriters, they were featured guests on The Nashville Network and Hee Haw, and their music is available on popular platforms like iTunes and CD Baby.

Amidst all his professional achievements, Butch’s favorite activities revolve around spending quality time with his family—his wife of 30 years, Betty, and their two children, Augusta and Mac. He loves exploring new places, playing the guitar, songwriting, hiking, scuba diving, farming, raising cattle, and simply being outdoors. From cherished travels to favorite spots like Fiji, Barbados, Dominica, Australia, New Zealand, Italy/Sicily, and Ireland, Butch’s adventurous spirit keeps him engaged in a life filled with passion and creativity.

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