Byron Gonzalez Biography and Career Life

Byron Gonzalez’s journey began in Guatemala, but it was in the vibrant city of Los Angeles where he was raised. After completing his education at California State University, Northridge, he proudly earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, focusing on broadcast journalism.

Not long after, Gonzalez stepped into the role of program director at Los Angeles’ exclusive 24-hour Latin Alternative radio station, known as The Latin Alt ( His passion for music from Latin America, Brazil, and Spain led him to become a Latin Roots correspondent for NPR’s World Cafe program, further cementing his dedication to promoting established, emerging, and independent artists from the region.

Beyond his work in radio, Byron Gonzalez has a diverse range of interests that showcase his vibrant personality. He’s an avid fan of Saturday Night Live and comedy, appreciating the power of laughter to connect people.

When he’s not spinning tunes or laughing along with his favorite comedians, you might find him exploring the city on his bike, honing his culinary skills in the kitchen, or contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos. And let’s not forget his affection for four-legged friends – he can often be spotted at dog parks, showering random dogs with affection.

For those who want to tune in and experience his unique taste in music, Byron hosts his very own radio show, Bilingual Sounds, every Wednesday at 9 PM PT on CSUN’s 88.5. With his diverse interests and passion for sharing exceptional music, Byron Gonzalez continues to be an influential voice in the world of Latin Alternative music and entertainment.

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