Caitlin Knute Biography and Career Life

Caitlin’s journey with KSHB commenced in June 2020, a remarkable addition to our team from Central Illinois, where she served as an evening anchor at WEEK. Although from a smaller market, Caitlin brings a wealth of experience from major markets, having spent six years anchoring and reporting for WTVD in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

As an anchor, she has earned the trust of viewers and has showcased her versatility in delivering breaking news, conducting investigative stories, and presenting special reports. Caitlin’s dedication to staying connected with the audience extends to her strong online presence, engaging with viewers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Throughout her illustrious career, Caitlin has been at the forefront of major events, reporting live from the John Edwards trial in Greensboro, NC, and from the coast during Hurricane Irene. Her journalistic prowess also took her to the campaign headquarters of President Barack Obama in Des Moines, IA, where she reported on the historic night of his victory in the 2008 Iowa Caucus. Her dedication and exceptional work have earned her regional Edward R. Murrow and Emmy awards, a testament to her commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional achievements, Caitlin embodies a giving spirit, devoting her spare time to serving her community in various capacities. Whether coaching high school softball, volunteering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, or working as a mentor with The Queen’s Foundation, she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Caitlin’s passion for journalism and her devotion to her community are evident in every aspect of her life. With her strong background in major markets and her commitment to delivering impactful stories, she has become a valued member of the KSHB team. We look forward to witnessing her continued success as she informs and inspires viewers with her remarkable storytelling and unwavering dedication to making a difference.