Cal Larsen Biography and Career Life

Cal, the dynamic journalist who brings Local4 Today to life with live interviews, showcasing the vibrant community of Central Nebraska and the incredible endeavors of its people, businesses, and events.

Hailing from the shadows of Lambeau Field, Cal’s journey in journalism led him to graduate from the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison, equipped with a degree in journalism & strategic communications.

Early on, Cal’s focus was on sports, and he interned at WMTV, an NBC affiliate in Madison, where he covered a diverse array of high school, college, and professional sporting events in the Madison area.

During his time at college, he passionately contributed to The Daily Cardinal, the University’s esteemed student-run publication, and gained valuable media and communications experience while working in the Athletic Department, engaging with sports all across the country.

As he delved deeper into his career, Cal’s passion for storytelling intensified, and he made a remarkable transition from sports to news, driven by his desire to shed light on meaningful stories that impact people’s daily lives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cal revels in an active lifestyle, engaging in sports, running, and exploring new restaurants. He takes to the open road on his motorcycle and finds joy in the company of his canine companion, Leo. Moreover, Cal is actively involved in his community, having created the Hastings Cleanup Project, a commendable initiative dedicated to liberating Hastings from litter.

With his dedication to impactful reporting and a genuine connection with the community, Cal brings a refreshing perspective to Local4 Today, shining a spotlight on the boundless potential and excellence that thrives in Central Nebraska.

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