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From a young age, Caleb’s fascination with severe weather knew no bounds. Tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms – he was captivated by every extreme aspect of atmospheric phenomena. With this unwavering passion, he pursued a degree in Meteorology from Millersville University, close to his hometown in southeastern Pennsylvania.

In 2012, Caleb proudly graduated and landed an internship at his dream job – the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, known for harboring some of the world’s most treacherous weather conditions. What started as an internship turned into a three-year adventure as a Weather Observer and Education Specialist, eventually becoming the Staff Meteorologist and nighttime Weather Observer.

Atop the mountain, he experienced incredible weather events, from thunderstorms with wind gusts exceeding 100 mph to braving snowdrifts over 15 feet high just to collect precipitation data. His firsthand experiences included wind gusts reaching an astounding 149 mph and enduring bone-chilling temperatures of 37 degrees below zero, with a wind chill plummeting to 97 below. Many nights, he fearlessly deiced weather instrumentation amidst fierce winds exceeding 100 mph.

While the experience on Mount Washington was invaluable, Caleb yearned to fulfill his dream of becoming a TV Meteorologist. His first opportunity in the field came as a fill-in Meteorologist at WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT, where he commuted from his wife’s hometown in Michigan. Eventually, they made the decision to relocate to the Great Lakes Region, allowing them to be closer to family and embrace the picturesque landscape of the area.

Now, Caleb is overjoyed to be a part of WILX, where he brings his passion, expertise, and determination to comprehend the intricacies of the weather in this captivating region. Forecasting for the Great Lakes Region is a privilege he cherishes, and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the community he serves.

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