Calvin Corey Biography and Career Life

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Calvin’s roots are deeply embedded in the heart of corn country, growing up on a farm just west of Olathe. His journey of learning and exploration took him to Colorado Mesa University, where he pursued his passion for Political Science.

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During his college years, Calvin’s drive and enthusiasm led him to contribute as a freelance journalist for an international news site. Additionally, he co-anchored a weekly radio show, adding valuable experience to his journalistic repertoire, which aired on 91.3 KMSA.

When he’s not fully immersed in the newsroom, diligently typing away or skillfully editing articles, you might have a hard time tracking Calvin down. His love for the great outdoors draws him to the mountains, where he finds solace and joy in fly fishing and exploring the wonders of Western Colorado. His adventurous spirit is undeniable, and he embraces everything the region has to offer.

Amid his many interests, catching a glimpse of Calvin at the gym or unwinding at Old Chicago’s while watching a game is not uncommon. As an ardent fan of the Raiders and the Yankees, he passionately supports his favorite teams, adding an exciting element to his leisure time.

Calvin’s diverse experiences, from the serenity of nature to the thrill of sports, highlight his zest for life and genuine passion for journalism. Whether he’s crafting engaging stories or indulging in his various hobbies, Calvin’s dedication to his work and his sense of adventure shine through, making him a true enthusiast both inside and outside the newsroom.