Cam Smith Biography and Career Life

Meet Cam, a talented individual hailing from the picturesque town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. With a strong determination to pursue a career in journalism, he graduated from Springfield College in May of 2020, earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Cam’s journey in the field of journalism led him to notable experiences in Boston, where he honed his skills and made a name for himself. Prior to joining WAGM, he contributed his talents at renowned media outlets WCVB and WHDH-TV, gaining valuable insights and exposure in the bustling media landscape of the city.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cam is an ardent sports enthusiast, with a special love for the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. His unwavering support for his favorite teams adds an extra spark of passion to his life.

As Cam ventures into the world of journalism, his dedication and enthusiasm for storytelling are sure to captivate audiences. Whether he’s covering local news or sharing stories that resonate with the community, his experiences at WCVB, WHDH-TV, and Springfield College will undoubtedly shape a successful and impactful career. With a warm love for his home state and a passion for sports, Cam’s journey in journalism promises to be one filled with excitement and dedication.

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