Cameron Hardin Biography and Career Life

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Cameron Hardin is filled with excitement as he takes on the role of a forecaster at WLWT and embraces the opportunity to reside in the vibrant Queen City.

Cincinnati holds a special place in his heart as he fondly recalls his summers spent here, attending Reds games, savoring Skyline chili before the matches, and hoping for those 11 strikeouts to claim the cherished free LaRosa’s pizza afterward. With a deep love for chili, he eagerly anticipates exploring the numerous options around town, planning to satisfy his cravings regularly, if not daily.

Hailing originally from the quaint town of Bargersville, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis, Cameron pursued his academic journey at Purdue University, where he excelled in triple majoring in Meteorology, Communications, and Agricultural Communications. Although it may have seemed like a bit of overkill at times, this diverse educational background enriched his skills and opened doors to the remarkable position he now holds.

Cameron’s journey as a meteorologist took off with a stroke of luck, landing his first job at WLFI in West Lafayette, which conveniently aligns with Purdue’s location. Reveling in the familiarity of his college town, he spent three years post-graduation forecasting for the diverse seasons, experiencing the quick transitions from sunny days to snow-filled ones.

Having recently made a transition to WEWS in Cleveland before finally settling in Cincinnati, Cameron is thrilled to call this city his new home. Enthusiastic about embracing the local culture, he eagerly looks forward to immersing himself in all the wonderful experiences Cincinnati has to offer.

As Cameron Hardin embarks on this new chapter, he brings with him a passion for weather forecasting and a genuine appreciation for the cities he’s called home. With his vibrant presence and dedication to his craft, he undoubtedly adds value to the WLWT team and the Cincinnati community.

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