Candace Martino Biography and Career Life

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Candace Martino’s journey begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, famously known as The City of Champions.

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Despite her deep-rooted love for the black-and-gold sports culture, Candace’s path led her to the Sunshine State on a basketball scholarship. She enrolled at The University of Tampa, where she pursued a double major in Sport Management and Communications, graduating in 2017.

Her career in sports broadcasting took off when she landed her first on-air sports job in Odessa, Texas (KMID). However, destiny soon brought her back to her home state of Pennsylvania (WJAC), where she spent nearly two years in Happy Valley as a Sports MMJ. During this time, Candace covered various sporting events, including Penn State Athletics (Cotton Bowl, Citrus Bowl, and NCAA Wrestling National Championship), high school sports, and the professional sports scene in Pittsburgh.

Currently, Candace is fully immersed in her studies as a graduate student at Syracuse University Newhouse (Go ‘Cuse!). She anticipates completing her Master’s in Communications in December 2020. Apart from her academic pursuits, she can often be found jogging the sidelines with her camera, sporting a combination of sneakers and a dress, or passionately engaged in a game on the court nearby.

Candace’s mission is to transport viewers to the heart of the action, taking them where their tickets can’t. She aspires to provide up-close access that allows those watching from home to feel like they are sitting courtside. For Candace, every individual on the roster has a unique story to tell, and she is determined to share those narratives with the world. Believing in the power of teamwork, she strives to make the dream work by bringing captivating sports stories to her audience.