Carl Parker  Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Carl Parker is a passionate On-Camera Meteorologist, Hurricane Specialist, and Storm Specialist who has been captivated by the wonders of the sky since he was a young child. His fascination with storms and the ever-changing atmosphere led him to pursue a career as a broadcast meteorologist, a journey that has spanned nearly three decades. Even now, Parker admits that he remains in awe of the drama and dynamism of a stormy weather system.

Joining The Weather Channel in 1999 as an On-Camera Meteorologist (OCM), Parker found great fulfillment in his role. He spent the first 12 years of his tenure as an OCM before transitioning to the Expert Team in 2011, where he provides in-studio analysis for significant weather events.

In recent years, Parker has focused on extreme weather and climate change, completing graduate work in this area and now leading the network’s climate coverage efforts. Parker believes that understanding the impact of climate change on weather patterns is crucial and wants to inspire people to recognize the need for a better way forward.

During his time at KPRC-TV in Houston, TX, from 1995 to 1999, Parker gained invaluable personal and professional experience with tropical storms and hurricanes. He reported from the field on Hurricane Georges and Opal, and even chased Hurricane Bret independently.

Prior to his work in Houston, Parker held positions at WHTM-TV and WHP-TV in Harrisburg, PA. It was there that he covered the Superstorm of 1993, a unique weather event that severely impacted the Eastern seaboard.

Parker’s career began in 1991 at WTVA-TV in Tupelo, MS, while he pursued his B.S. in Geosciences at Mississippi State University. He has also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Climate Adaptation from NC State University and holds the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval.

Originally from the Washington, D.C. metro area, Parker currently resides in northwest metro Atlanta with his wife and two children, with whom he shares a fulfilling life. He engages in basketball regularly but finds his greatest hobby in music, having played the drums since the mid-80s and also proficiently playing the electric guitar and bass. Parker is an avid enthusiast of live music and has attended 32 Rush concerts.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Carl Parker continues to contribute his expertise and passion to the field of meteorology, providing valuable insights into hurricanes, storms, and climate change through his role as an On-Camera Meteorologist, Hurricane Specialist, and Storm Specialist.