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Charlamagne tha God Bio

Charlamagne tha God born Lenard Larry McKelvey is an American radio presenter, television personality, and author. Charlamagne is a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy and Angela Yee. He also stars in Guy Code, Guy Court and Girl Code.

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Charlamagne tha God

He began hosting the MTV2 show Uncommon Sense in 2015 and was previously on The Wendy Williams Experience with Wendy Williams on VH1.

Charlamagne tha God Age

He was born Lenard Larry McKelvey on June 29, 1980 in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.

Charlamagne tha God Family

Charlamagne was born to Larry Thomas McKelvey and his wife. He grew up in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. He began selling drugs as a teenager, and was arrested twice for possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to distribute. He was arrested for a third time after witnessing a shooting from the back seat of a car. He remained in jail for 41 days after his father refused to pay his bail. He eventually called his mother who paid his bail and was released.

Charlamagne tha God Wife | Charlamagne tha God and Wife

Is Charlamagne Tha God Married? Who Is Charlamagne Tha God Wife? The popular radio personalty has been married to his high school sweetheart Jessica Gadsden since 2014. Gadsden is a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Charlamagne tha God Photo

Charlamagne tha God Daughter | Charlamagne tha God Kids | Charlamagne tha God Wife and Kids

Though Charlamagne tries to keep his personal life very private, he is believed to have two daughters.

Charlamagne tha God Radio Station

Charlamagne began attending night school after being released from the county jail. He finally got a job as a radio intern.

Charlamagne tha God Breakfast Club | The Breakfast Club Charlamagne tha God | Charlamagne tha God Podcast

Alongside DJ Envy and Angela Yee, Charlamagne began hosting The Breakfast Club. The show airs on WWPR-FM in New York City, New York, along with its national television simulcast on Revolt.

Charlamagne tha God Donkey Of The Day

In The Breakfast Club show, Charlamagne gives people the credit they deserve for being stupid by crowning one “Donkey of The Day.”

Charlamagne tha God HBO

HBO announced in 2018 that they would be teaming up with Charlamagne  for a series of four interview specials called The Gray Area With Charlamagne Tha God.

Charlamagne tha God Wendy Williams

Charlamagne became second mic to radio host Wendy Williams and later developed the stage name of Charlamagne, taken from his pseudonym as a drug dealer, “Charles”. He created a new persona based on Charlemagne, who ruled much of western Europe in the late 700s and early 800s, whom he had read about at night school. He then added “Tha God” because it “sounded cool”.

Relations between him and Wendy Williams worsened. Despite this, Charlamagne has stated numerous times on his show The Breakfast Club that he views Williams as a mentor and bears no ill feeling toward her.

Charlamagne tha God Book

  • Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It – 2017
  • Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me – 2018

Charlamagne tha God Black Privilege

His book Black Privilege was published by the Simon & Schuster imprint Touchstone in 2017. Steven Kurutz of The New York Times gave the book a mostly positive review, describing it as “a street-smart self-help guide” with typically blunt advice offered in eight different principles. It shares his unlikely success story as well as how embracing one’s truths is a fundamental key to success and happiness.

Charlamagne tha God Shook One

In Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me, Charlamagne reveals his blueprint for breaking free from your fears and anxieties. He chronicles his journey to beat those fears and also shows a path that you too can take to overcome the anxieties that may be holding you back.

Charlamagne tha God Fired

The host of the nationally syndicated iHeartMedia program The Breakfast Club was facing pressure over a 17-year-old Jessica Reid rape allegation with a new petition demanding his firing. Reid accused him of rape in 2001. He finally plead guilty of a lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Charlamagne tha God Salary

Being the host of the nationally syndicated iHeartMedia program The Breakfast Club, He receives a good salary of $3 million.

Charlamagne tha God Net Worth

Through his wide career of many years in the media, Charlamagne has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Charlamagne tha God Quotes

Some of Charlamagne’s quotes are;

  • “If you don’t have anything nice to say- say it anyway”
  • “If you want to see a person’s true character, watch how they treat people who seemingly can’t help them.”
  • “God created me exactly how he wanted me to be and who he wanted me to be.”
  • “Never stunt your own growth by dismissing something just because it doesn’t feel familiar.”
  • “When you are completely honest about yourself, there is very little people can say about you that’s going to have a negative impact.”
  • “My boy probably got confused because he thought he was communicating with God when he was really chopping it up with the devil. That’s an easy mistake to make because the DEVIL is the one who makes the most noise. God doesn’t make a big fuss—if anything, he damn near whispers. You either listen or you don’t.”
  • “Everything good that happens to you is because of God; everything bad that happens to you is on you because you made the choice not to recognize the power of God in you. It was your choice. That’s why I hate when people say they “found God.” Man, God was never lost. You were. There was never a missing person’s report out for our creator.”
  • “God Jewel: When someone offers to help you, tell them exactly what you want. Don’t beat around the bush. If you’re not crystal clear about what your ask is, chances are you won’t get anything.”
  • “Because when I pray to God to take negativity out of my life, he’s not swinging at spirits. He’s swinging at people who are the living embodiment of negativity in my life.”
  • “I’m always shocked when I run into people who don’t believe in God. I’ll even ask them, “How can you not believe that there’s a power greater than you who’s engineering this whole system of things?” Usually they’ll tell me something like, “Man, God is just some mythical fairy tale. God is no different than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.” I disagree wholeheartedly, but that mind-set is honestly one of the reasons I don’t sell that junk about holiday headliners to my daughters. Maybe it’s the Witness influence on me, but to this day I’m not a fan of holidays. I think it’s a mistake to hype your kids on Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy on one hand, and then try to sell them on God with the other. When they get older and realize Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, it becomes too easy for them to dismiss God as well. “So you were lying to me about everybody else, but this God character is real?” they’ll say. “Yeah, right.” And then they’ll miss out on the affirmation, confidence, and faith that religion can provide when they’re older and really need it.”
  • “Honesty is such a rare commodity these days that when you do tell someone the truth when they were expecting a lie, you’ll catch them off guard. They might even be willing to look past transgressions that might have otherwise seemed unforgivable. People are thirsty for the truth. Sate that thirst, and they should always appreciate you.”
  • “That’s why I hate when people say they “found God.” Man, God was never lost. You were. There was never a missing person’s report out for our creator.”

Charlamagne tha God Gay | Is Charlamagne tha God Gay?

Charlamagne is a straight guy who is married to his adorable high school girlfriend.

Charlamagne tha God Kanye West

Charlamagne interviewed Kanye West in mid 2018 in a high-profile video released ahead of the artist’s Ye album.

Charlamagne tha God Height | How Tall Is Charlamagne tha God?

The popular media personality stands at a height of 1.68 m.

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