Christina Geist Biography, Age, Husband, Boombox And Book.

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Christina Geist Biography

Christina Geist (Christina Elena Sharkey)  is a brand strategist, author and entreprenuer. She is the founder and CEO of Boombox Gift, strategy director of True Geist, a strategic design and branding shop and the author of of “Buddy’s Bedtime Battery”.

Christina Geist Age

Christina has not made her age public but its not far from her husbands, Willie Geist

Christina Geist Husband

In May 2003 she married Willie Geist in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Christina and Willie first met in sixth grade while studying as Ridgewood’s George Washington Middle School.

During their senior year in high school, they were planning to go their separate ways in college with Geist going to Venderbilt and Christina heading to the University of Virginia. Christina was put on the Virginia waiting list so she went to Venderbilt.

After graduation Willie moved to Atlanta for work but Christina didn’t. In 2000 while visiting home for Christmas they rekindled their romance and two years later Willie proposed.

Christina Geist Education

In 1997 she graduated from the University of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with minors in psychology and history.

Christina Geist Career

Christina began her career in journalism in Nashville after graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1997. She later ventured into public relations working for Interbrand from 2004 to 2006. In January 2007 she joined Johnson & Johnson as the director of Design Strategy position she held until June 2010.

Christina Geist Boombox Gift

In September 2015 she launched Boombox Gifts, an online boutique for bespoke, premium, personalized memory boxes, filled with custom-printed photos and written messages from friends and family. According to the company’s website she was inspired by the memory boxes she and her friend were going through one day.

During her father’s 70th birthday she decided to make one for him.

“I realized the emotional impact – the ‘boom’ as I call it – was as strong for me (the gift giver) as it was for him (the recipient).”

She decided to create a company that helps customers build their own “boom” box. The customer chooses a box style, adding optional invites, then uploading photos and writing messages. One can invite friends and family to contribute messages to it before it’s sent out.

Christina Geist True Geist

In February 2015 Christina co-foundered True Geist, alongside Todd True, a strategic design and branding firm. Christina is the Strategy Director of the company while Todd is the creative director. In 2007 True and Christina worked together at Johnson & Johnson.

Christina Geist Author

In 2016 Christina authored he children’s book ‘Buddy’s Bedtime Battery’, which was published by Penguin Random House. The book features illustrations by Tim Bowers (Pirate’s Lullaby, Not You Typical Dragon).

The main character of the book is Buddy who imagines life as part of a robot family. In an interview on the ‘Today Show’, she said she was inspired by her own struggles to keep the kids asleep.

“Willie is typically very, very quiet on his way out. (The ninja analogy is a good one.) But, there is a very distinctive “click” when a New York City apartment door closes. And, my kids sense that “click” in their sleep. Before long, a sneaky little sleepwalker can be found shuffling into my room, crawling into my bed, settling into Willie’s pillow, and shifting like a compass to a completely horizontal position with his or her feet nestled comfortably on top of my face. And I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she said.



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