Darren Maier Biography and Career Life

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Since March of 2011, Darren has served as WEAU’s chief meteorologist, bringing over 15 years of broadcast experience and more than 20 years as a professional meteorologist to the role.

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Originally from New Britain, Connecticut, where Stanley Tools has its home, Darren spent much of his life in New England before venturing west for a career change into broadcast meteorology. Now, he considers the Chippewa Valley his home.

His fascination with weather began at a young age, witnessing New England’s extreme weather events like nor’easters and hurricanes. This passion led him to pursue a career in meteorology, earning his BS in atmospheric science from Central Connecticut State University and obtaining a broadcasting certification from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

He is a proud recipient of the prestigious CBM certification (#363) from the American Meteorological Society, recognizing his technical competence and ability to provide informative weather forecasts.

During his time in Wisconsin, Darren has covered significant weather events, including the state’s longest track tornado on record in Barron County in 2017 and the EF-3 tornado that struck Wheaton in 2019. He navigated the challenging winter of 2018-2019, which brought record-breaking snowfall, including the all-time snowiest month and season on record in the region.

Even during his leisure time, Darren remains captivated by the sky, enjoying astronomy day and night. He embraces outdoor activities like photography, gardening, tennis, and bike riding when the weather permits, and on indoor days, he indulges in his extensive video game collection.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Darren is a proud father to two teenagers who have been part of the Eau Claire school system. He also shares his love and care with a charming Shiba-Inu, completing his happy family.