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Dave Briggs Biography

Dave Briggs is an American television journalist. He is a CNN anchor and co-host of Early Start with Christine Romans.

He graduated with a degree in broadcast news from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1999.

Dave Briggs Age

David Briggs was born on October 11, 1976. He is 42 years old as of 2018.

Dave Briggs Wife – Is Dave Briggs Married?

Dave is married to Brandi. The couple has three children together, Emerson, Will, and Logan. Briggs and his family lives in Westport, CT.

Dave Briggs Career

From 2002 to 2004, Briggs was the weekend sports anchor at KOKI-TV Fox 23 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dave Briggs Nbc

He was then a reporter and sports anchor at WHDH (TV), Channel 7, an NBC affiliate in Boston, Massachusetts from 2004 to 2008.He then served as a host and a reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England.

Dave Briggs Fox News – Dave Briggs Fox And Friends

In 2008, he joined the Fox News Channel, as co-anchor of Fox and Friends Weekend in 2008. He hosted alongside Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris. He occasionally hosted Fox News Channel’s webshow Strategy Room.

He began co-hosting a daily sports and pop culture show for NBCSN called The Crossover with Beadle and Briggs in January 2013. In May 2013, The show was then rebranded as The Crossover with Michelle Beadle in May 2013. Beadle was the sole host, and four months later the show was cancelled and Beadle returned to ESPN. Briggs hosted SportsDash weekdays at noon on NBCSN alongside Carolyn Manno. It was co-produced by Yahoo Sports with live viewer feedback onscreen.

Dave Briggs Cnn

Briggs began co-hosting CNN’S Early Start on February 23, 2017. He hosts the show alongside Christine Romans. He is also a relief co-host of New Day, a three-hour morning news show.

Dave Briggs Martial Arts

Dave Briggs founded The Real Approach Academy in the early 90’s. It is a martial arts training operation that caters for several martial arts disciplines as well as offering specialised ‘Self defense’ training (Self Protection). Briggs founded it with support from his associate instructor, Kev Johnson. It dellivers cutting edge training and the opportunity to fine tune your attained skills.

It was solely resident in the Mansfield area until mid 2010 when, due to a major change in personal circumstances. He started teaching in the Staffordshire area.

Briggs teaches frequent sessions, incorporating Self Protection topics, stand-up skills, such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, JKD and Filipino concepts and submission grappling and in particular, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All the classes look at the realistic qualities and skills that help develop a functional personal safety strategy.

Dave Briggs Bjj

Brigg heads the teaching of an open Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the ACTIVE ARTS MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE, 17-19 Grey Friars, Stafford, ST16 2SA. He also teaches a BJJ masterclass at the Fight Hub in Tamworth, 6/7 Arianne, Tamworth, B79 7XF. He also frequently visits Ash Fletcher’s group, Cannock BJJ.

Where Is Dave Briggs Now?

Dave is now a CNN anchor and co-host of Early Start with Christine Romans.

Dave Briggs Net Worth – Dave Briggs Salary

Dave’s salary and net worth has not yet been revealed.

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Dave Briggs On Leaving Fox And Friends

Dave Briggs Interview

Former Fox Newser Says CNN’s Red Logo ‘Represents the Unfiltered Truth’

TVNewser: You moved from cable news to sports television in late 2012. Now, after 4 years, you’re back in cable news. Why the move?

Briggs: I love sports and it’s always going to be a part of me, but I realized that I don’t want it to be THAT much a part of me. I think my real passion lies in news and politics, and the last couple of years I have been sitting and watching and wishing I could weigh in and be a part of the political debate. I have spent the past year or two hoping there was an opportunity to get back.

TVNewser: CNN is criticized by the President of the United States almost daily. Have you prepared yourself for the possibility of him bringing up Early Start? He is an early bird, after all.

Briggs: I’m very aware of the possibility of that happening. We have to remember that before he was president, Donald Trump was a storyteller, and he’s a good one. He knows that every narrative needs a bad guy. Look at the best seasons of The Apprentice. His best villain now works in his administration (Omarosa Manigault of Season 1). When you have a Republican senate and a Republican house as your congress, you still need a villain. So, I think he picked his favorite news network to be that villain!

TVNewser: You co-hosted Fox and Friends Weekend with Alisyn Camerota, and now your program will now lead into her’s. What advice has she given you as you embark on your new gig?

Briggs: We never lost touch. When we worked together at Fox, the three of us together with Clayton Morris weren’t just co-hosts, we were great friends. We were family. We knew each other’s kids. Over that time, she actually moved to my town of Westport, Connecticut. We have stayed in touch as friends and as neighbors. When she came to CNN, I kept in communication with her. I have always respected CNN, but hearing what she said about the environment, about her co-workers, and about her bosses made me want to work here more. She also warned me: “You have to be willing to work really hard.” I said: “Honestly, I’m really itching for that because that hasn’t really been the case the past couple of years.” I’m excited for the opportunity to work my tail off.

TVNewser: What are some of your interests, off-camera?

Briggs: One of the opportunities that comes about when you don’t have a really busy schedule, which I haven’t the last several years, is that I get to spend a lot of time with my kids. My hobby is whatever my kids want to do. If I’m not [at work], I’m with them. I’ll drop them off at school, I’ll pick them up, I’ll take them to practice and play sports with my son. I’ll sit and watch TV shows with my daughter or read them books. Aside from work, that’s my passion. And I spend a lot of time working out as well, which I’m sure they complain a lot about.

TVNewser: Some say that politics is a sport (for better or worse). You’re a sports guy. What sport would you compare it to?

Briggs: Well, it would have to be a bloody one. I worked in Boston covering the Red Sox, and I would say that the passion that Boston sports fans view their team with is similar to the passions you see in politics. That’s on the sidelines. Now when it comes to between the lines, it has to be hockey. These guys, while they pummel each other on the ice everyday, they sometimes get to be great friends away from all of that. Sometimes, they can communicate very well with each other once the cameras are gone. It’s a punishing, brutal, entertaining sport, like hockey. Again, I think the way Boston fans are both critical and supportive of their teams, politics ignites those passions in all of us. It’s a lot like Red Sox nation.

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