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Growing up in the small farming community of Traer, Iowa, Dave has fond memories of baling hay and detasseling corn to earn some spending money.

However, it wasn’t the crops that captured his interest; it was the weather phenomena happening in the skies above, especially during one summer evening when the tornado siren blared, and his mother insisted on taking cover in the basement. Although his mom was right to prioritize safety, Dave’s inner curiosity urged him to venture outside and search for the tornado.

His early passion for weather led him to pursue a degree in meteorology at Iowa State University, where he also minored in mass communications. During college, he presented the morning weather for WOI-TV in Ames/Des Moines, Iowa. After graduating, he served as an on-air meteorologist for KCCI-TV in Des Moines before joining WCYB as Chief Meteorologist in 1987.

Over the past two decades, Dave has refined his forecasting skills in what he considers a challenging region to predict the weather. While he has gained confidence in forecasting for the diverse southern Appalachians, he remains committed to continuously learning how weather systems impact the Tri-Cities area.

What Dave loves most about the Tri-Cities region is the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and the warm, welcoming people who have embraced him as part of the community. Beyond his on-camera role, Dave enjoys engaging with the local community and participating in various events.

In 1988, he met Natalie, a fellow WCYB employee, and they tied the knot in 1992. They have been blessed with two children, son Austin and daughter Taylor.

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