Dave Elias Biography and Career Life

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Dave Elias became a part of the NBC2 team in August 2012, bringing with him over two decades of experience covering a wide array of stories.

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Previously, Dave was an investigator for the West Virginia Media I-Team, where he was one of five reporters assigned to uncovering alleged corruption and investigating stories across the mountain state for WTRF-TV, WOWK-TV, WBOY-TV, and WVNS-TV.

Before joining NBC2, Dave worked in the Wheeling-Steubenville television market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for WTRF-TV & FOX Ohio Valley. In 2009, his reporting gained national recognition when he uncovered details that led to the arrest of two Ohio Police Chiefs who were plotting a break-in at the home of the surrogate mother for actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Dave’s reporting was relied upon by national news agencies throughout the subsequent trial.

Throughout his career, Dave has had the opportunity to interview President Barack Obama in Ohio. His fearless reporting style has taken him to Washington, D.C., and New York City for various investigations.

In 2002, as New York was recovering from the 9/11 attacks, Dave traveled there to present a two-part series on how Ohio and West Virginia steel mills supplied the steel to rebuild the World Trade Center.

Over the course of 24 years in the industry, Dave has worn multiple hats, having anchored, produced, and served as a bureau chief. His career began in radio, where he worked for KQV radio in Pittsburgh as an Ohio Correspondent and later at WOMP radio.

In his early career, Dave anchored the news and hosted his own radio show called “The Voice of the Valley” at WSTV/WRKY in Steubenville. His wealth of experience and dedication to journalism make him a valuable asset to the NBC2 team.