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David Wilson is a prominent figure in the world of financial journalism, serving as a Bloomberg News columnist and co-host of “Taking Stock” on Bloomberg Radio. In addition to his on-air responsibilities, Wilson is widely recognized for producing the daily “Chart of the Day” story, a feature that highlights significant developments in the U.S. financial markets, business landscape, and the economy.

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Having joined Bloomberg News in 1990, Wilson holds the distinction of being the second stock market reporter ever hired for the New York bureau. Throughout his tenure, he has held various influential roles within the organization, including serving as bureau chief in New York and Princeton, editor-in-charge of global training, and managing editor for global stock markets.

Wilson’s expertise and contributions to Bloomberg extend beyond his reporting and hosting duties. In 2000, he became a valued columnist for Bloomberg News, initially writing the Timshel column, a commentary on global business and market events. He later transformed the column into the highly regarded “Chart of the Day.” Additionally, Wilson co-authored an edition of “The Bloomberg Way,” an internal guide to business and financial journalism at Bloomberg.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Wilson built his foundation in financial reporting at the Dow Jones News Service, where he began as a news assistant and eventually became a stock market reporter. His initial reports covered the aftermath of the infamous “Black Monday” crash in 1987, showcasing his early aptitude for covering critical events.

Wilson’s journalism career commenced at The Asbury Park Press, where he served as an editorial assistant and pop-music writer during his college years at Monmouth University. He holds a degree in English with a concentration in media studies and also holds an MBA from Rider University. Based in New York City, Wilson continues to provide valuable insights and analysis through his writing, hosting, and the daily “Chart of the Day” feature, solidifying his standing as a respected financial journalist.