Drew Scott Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, and Net Worth

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Drew Scott is a prominent figure in the world of real estate and entertainment, sharing the screen with his twin brother Jonathan in popular HGTV shows like Property Brothers, Buying & Selling, and Brother Vs. Brother.

With a perfect blend of sibling rivalry and humor, the duo, who initially pursued improv comedy, brings their unique dynamic to help clients and viewers fulfill their real estate aspirations. Drew, an experienced agent, and Jonathan, a licensed contractor, combine their vast knowledge and complementary skills to tackle any property challenge with a touch of design expertise.

Beyond their on-screen success, Drew and Jonathan are also the founders of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a production company that creates captivating content for television, film, and digital platforms.

Their appearances on shows like Today, The View, and Good Morning America, as well as features in People and Forbes, have further solidified their prominence. Recently, they introduced the Scott Living Collection, an expanding line of indoor and outdoor furniture and decor that seamlessly blends quality, luxury, and affordability.

While Drew’s passion for real estate is evident, his artistic pursuits are equally noteworthy. He is an accomplished actor, director, and producer, with an impressive resume spanning from festival circuit films to episodic TV.

Drawing from his background as a former national karate champion, Drew holds a 2nd-degree black belt and has showcased his basketball skills in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game and alongside the Harlem Globetrotters. Additionally, Drew actively serves as a global ambassador for the charity World Vision, working diligently to improve child protection in developing nations.