Ed Baxter Biography and Career

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Ed Baxter, an award-winning journalist, captivates listeners with his engaging presence on Bloomberg Best, a program that highlights the most compelling stories of the day from Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg Television.

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Recognized for his remarkable contributions, Ed Baxter is honored as a member of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame, solidifying his esteemed status in the industry. Throughout his career, he served as the Anchor/Host of the morning and afternoon news programs on KGO, San Francisco, achieving unparalleled success with over 30 years of consistently topping the ratings.

Notably, Baxter’s talent and versatility allowed him to substitute for the legendary Paul Harvey on his renowned News and Comment program, which held the distinction of being the world’s highest-rated radio program at the time. From 1993 to 2000, Baxter served as Harvey’s main substitute, further establishing his reputation as a trusted voice in broadcasting.

Ed Baxter’s exceptional journalistic abilities have garnered him over 50 national, regional, and local awards across various news categories. These accolades reflect his excellence in delivering high-quality reporting and encompass winning the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award for the best newscast in the country.

With his wealth of experience, undeniable talent, and numerous accolades, Ed Baxter continues to captivate audiences through his contributions to Bloomberg Best, ensuring that listeners are provided with the most compelling stories of the day.