Elisa Jordana Biography, Age, Net worth And Boyfriend.

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Elisa Jordana Biography

Elisa Jordana birth name Elisa Ann Schwartz is an American American radio and TV personality, musician, writer, and online talk show host born on 30th June 1988 in Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States. She is a former original member of ‘cobra starship’ who works is a booking consultant for Patti Stranger.

Elisa studied Radio, Television, and Digital Communications at Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Before joining Cobra Starship she attended Berklee College of Music for a couple of semesters.  In February 2018 she joined Patti Stranger as a booking consultant. She previously worked as a writer for The Howard Stern Radio Show from September 2011 to December 2015.

Elisa Jordana Age

Elisa was born on 30th June 1988 in Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States.

Elisa Jordana Net worth

Elisa has an estimated net worth of $500 Thousand Dollars.

Elisa Jordana and Benjy

Elisa was in a relationship with Benjy Bronk who is a TV and radio personality best known for being one of the pivotal staffs of “The Howard Stern Show.”  Elisa and Benjy both worked on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, they lived together as partners before they split in 2014.

Elisa Jordana Music Career

Elisa Jordana began playing piano at the age of four and took piano lessons for over ten years. She moved to New York City and took occasional modeling job and tried to navigate the music industry. Most of the producers told her she didn’t have the right “look” to be a pop star. They said she was ‘too old, too fat, and weird nose’.

‘After years of trying to make it as a solo artist in the male-dominated music industry, I knew the drill: If they didn’t want to bang you, they weren’t interested in talking to you. Image was a major factor in building a successful singing career, and I felt tremendous pressure to dress and act very sexy. Growing up I’d always been extremely awkward and shy. Sometimes I’d go a week in school without saying a
word. I had a super skinny body, a big nose, and a huge frizzy mop of hair with fluffy bangs. To succeed in the music industry I’d either have to cut my head off and start with a completely new face and body, or pump up the sex appeal. So I put on a tight dress, fake eyelashes, a bright orange spray-tan, and neon lipstick.’

While at a night club she bumped into a guy who introduced her to ‘Cobra Starship’. She joined the band and played the “keytar”, a combination of a keyboard and a guitar.

They embarked on a national tour and while performing at a venue in NYC a music executive said that she looked like a slut. She was later replaced by a lady they had picked up while touring the midwest. She changed her stage name from Elisa Schwartz to Elisa Jordana hoping the new name would bring her luck.

Elisa Jordana Comedy

Elisa started writing jokes as a way to escape her heartbreak of being replaced in ‘Cobra Starship’. She was scared to perform but when she started dating a comedy writer she was inspired enough to submit material to ‘The Howard Stern Show’, where he worked.

When Jimmy Kemmel said “Elisa Jordana isn’t funny or talented” while on air she felt heart broken and humiliated and contemplated quiting.

She left ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and created her own talk show titled, ‘Kermit and Friends’. The
show sarted broadcasting in February 2015 on the now defunct website Spreecast which lasted for over a year. The show was heavily featured on The Howard Stern Show and received acknowledgement from talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Elisa Jordana Writer

Elisa worked as a writer for ‘The Howard Stern Radio Show’ from September 2011 to December 2015. She was a student of New York Times Best Selling Author Susan Shapiro. She has published her articles in XOJane, Marie Claire, Yahoo and The Rumpus.

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