Gilbert Cordova Biography and Career Life

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Originally hailing from Tucson, AZ, affectionately known as “The Old Pueblo,” Gilbert has always had a wanderer’s spirit. Throughout his formative years, Gilbert’s creative instincts led him to explore various artistic pursuits, including mastering several musical instruments. However, it was the world of video production and photography that captured his heart as the ultimate means of self-expression.

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During his time at Arizona State University, Gilbert’s passion for storytelling found a platform as he produced the newscast for the renowned and award-winning program “Cronkite News.” Not only did he excel behind the scenes, but he also embraced the opportunity to report on technology and Native American stories while facing the camera.

After completing his studies at ASU, Gilbert’s adventurous nature prompted him to embark on a journey to Central California. There, he contributed to the creation of newscasts and digital videos for 23ABC (KERO-TV) in Bakersfield, CA. However, his passion for Arizona drew him back, leading him to join CBS 5 and 3TV in Phoenix, where he enjoyed crafting stories for the morning news.

Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Gilbert’s love for photography and videography remains an integral part of his life. He frequently shares his captivating work online, inviting others to experience his unique perspective. Additionally, he has an unabashed appreciation for coffee, which fuels his engaging conversations with others.

Gilbert’s true devotion lies in sharing the stories of his community, a passion that has now led him to venture into “The Last Frontier” – Alaska. As he explores this new territory, he eagerly looks forward to making new friends and discovering the untold narratives that await.


In 2016, Gilbert completed his studies in Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.