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Gina Maravilla, a true Arizona native, has deep roots in the state. Her educational journey began at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, where she showcased her skills on the basketball court. Following her high school years, she continued her academic pursuits as a Sun Devil at Arizona State University. Gina obtained two degrees, one in broadcast journalism and another in political science, accompanied by a minor in sociology.

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During her time in Washington D.C., Gina had the privilege of working at “Meet the Press” while participating in a political journalism program at Georgetown University.

Gina’s career at 3TV commenced when she was just 19 years old, starting as an intern. Through hard work and determination, she steadily climbed the ranks, transitioning from an intern to a reporter and eventually becoming a weekend anchor.

For a decade, Gina contributed her expertise to 3TV before she embarked on a new chapter by relocating to Tampa, Florida. In Tampa, she anchored and reported for BayNews9, covering noteworthy events such as Florida’s 2004 presidential campaign, the start of the Iraq war at Central Command, and the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia. However, after experiencing the relentless impact of four hurricanes, Gina realized that it was time to return home.

Returning to the Phoenix area, Gina found solace in being reunited with her beloved community and embraced the opportunity to rejoin Arizona’s Family. As an Emmy Award-winning journalist, she takes immense pride in covering the stories that matter to her community and assisting commuters in navigating their mornings.

Weekdays on Good Morning Arizona, viewers can tune in to watch Gina Maravilla as she delivers the news and shares her expertise with warmth and professionalism, bringing her genuine love for Arizona to the forefront.